This organization shall be known as the Marguerite E. Peaslee Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), located in Northborough, Massachusetts.


The Marguerite E. Peaslee School PTO is a local non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the relationship between home and school in order to enhance the education and social environment at Peaslee School. The organization shall strive to achieve this as follows: serving as a liaison for parents, staff and administrators; organizing informational and social programs for parents and teachers; providing educational enrichment programs for students; and generating the funds necessary to support the above activities.


Section 1: Members

All parents, guardians, staff and administrators associated with Peaslee School shall be members in good standing of the PTO. All parents, guardians, staff and administrators associated with Peaslee School shall be members in good standing of the PTO. Membership shall be available regardless of race, color, gender, religion, marital status, age, sexual orientation, homelessness, national origin or disability.

Section 2: Officers

The Peaslee School PTO shall be run by four (4) non-paid officers. The officers shall include a Chairperson, Co-Chair, a Communications Coordinator and A Treasurer. The term of office for Chairperson(s) shall be two years with one of the positions (co-chair) newly filled each year, as the Co-chair fills the Chair position. The communications coordinator and treasurer shall also serve for two years

Section 3: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Peaslee School PTO shall consist of the four officers- Chair, Co-Chair, Communications Coordinator(s) and Treasurer, plus the Peaslee School Principal and the Fundraising Coordinator.

Section 4: Election

An election must be held annually for open Board positions for the next school year by end of April in order to assure a smooth time of transition. Notification of open positions and elections should be distributed first week in April. Officers maintain their responsibilities until the end of the school year.



Section 5: Removal

Any officer may choose to resign by giving notice in writing to the board. Any officer may be removed from his/her position with a majority vote of the attending members of a general meeting.

Section 6: Vacancies

Vacancies which occur except by expiration of a term shall be filled by the officers of the Executive Board for the remainder of the term.

Section 7: Teacher Representative

The teacher representative(s), one representative from each “wing”, for the PTO shall be chosen by the teachers. He/she shall represent the teachers, convey their ideas for PTO functions or events, be willing to attend PTO meetings, and report back to colleagues the contents of the PTO meetings.


The Peaslee School PTO shall meet regularly during the school year. All general meetings of the PTO shall be open to all members with advance notice. Meetings will be guided by Roberts Rules of Order.


Section 1: Changes to Bylaws

Any PTO member who wishes to comment on or to question a PTO policy or practice has the right to represent his/her views to the PTO officers and committee chairpersons. Changes to these bylaws, which must be made in writing, may be proposed to a Chair or Co-Chairperson at any time.

Section 2: Voting

A simple majority vote of the members present at the general meeting after the proposed amendment has been presented electronically and / or in writing shall pass the proposed amendment. All members of the PTO present at a board meeting have voting rights on issues brought before the board. Electronic voting will be permitted if approved by the Executive Board.




Section 1: Programs and Policies

PTO programs and policies shall be developed and exercised through committees and general membership meetings. The PTO shall seek neither to direct nor control the activities and policies of the administration of the school.

Section 2: Fundraising Activities

The monies generated by the fundraising activities of the PTO shall be used to support its programs and other educational and enrichment activities of benefit to the community.

Section 3: Budget

A Budget will be prepared and approved by the executive board annually prior to the start of the school year. Enrichment expenses shall be defined as Enrichment Programs, Academic Grants, reimbursement for classroom materials, library support, and payments made to supplement educational field trips. Potential non enrichment expenses including administrative expenses (copying etc) as well as contributions defined as staff appreciation must also be identified and approved as part of the budget.

Section 4: Donations

The PTO may make donations only to outside organizations that contribute to the learning and enrichment of the Peaslee School community


Section 1: Chair and Co-Chairpersons

The Chair and Co-Chairpersons shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and of the officers. They shall create the agenda for these meetings. The Chairpersons are responsible for communicating with the principal, superintendent, and other town PTO Chairpersons.

Section 2: Communications Coordinators

The Communications Coordinator(s) shall maintain the PTO Website and PTO calendar, Facebook page, and member email communications as approved or directed by the Executive Board. The Coordinators shall also assist in preparing and distributing community publicity as needed and approved. The function of Communications Coordinator may be shared by two individuals with the majority approval of general membership received during an electoral vote. In such cases, responsibilities will be delegated and titles distinguished as appropriate



The Communications Coordinator(s) shall assist the Chairpersons as needed.

Section 3: Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the money management of the PTO. This includes all banking, bookkeeping, and reporting function as well as the establishment of the annual budget. The Treasurer is also responsible for academic grants. The function of Treasurer may be shared by two individuals with the majority approval of general membership received during an electoral vote. In such cases, responsibilities will be delegated and titles distinguished as appropriate.

.The Board may recruit additional staff / committees to assist the Treasurer.

Banking: The Treasurer shall receive all income of the PTO including checks, currency, and coin and where feasible electronic transactions -and is responsible for: verifying funds, preparing and making bank deposits, disbursing PTO funds and with an approved budget at reference, the Treasurer may disburse funds for the various committees (e.g. library, enrichment, etc.). Items of reasonable expense ($50 or less) not identified as previously approved items must be disbursed using best judgment on behalf of the entire PTO. The Treasurer must require further discussion before disbursement. Items of expense greater than $50 must be submitted in writing and approved by the PTO Executive Committee

Bookkeeping: The Treasurer maintains detailed records of all funds received and disbursed. These records are maintained both in the bank checkbook and in a ledger system of the Treasurer’s choice (manual or computer). The Treasurer balances the checkbook on a monthly basis. All items must have backup documentation.

Reporting: The Treasurer shall prepare reports for presentation to the general membership, and the executive committee on a monthly basis or as needed. These reports shall include but are not limited to a statement of the PTO budget and the actual expenditures to date. Other reports may be requested (i.e. the history to the Teacher Grant budget line item). The Treasurer is responsible for the presentation of all financial reports.

Academic Grants: The Treasurer is responsible for the distribution and discussion of academic grant requests during monthly meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for notifying academic grant applicants via email or letter as to the status of their grant request per discussion at the meeting.


The PTO, via the Executive Committee, shall annually establish a line item to be known as “Academic Grants”. This money is available to any member of the Peaslee School community via an application and approval process. It is the intent of the PTO to fund innovative programs, and teaching materials, that are not covered by the regular school budget.